DRAFT: How to Get Involved

Want to get involved?  Everyone in our community can participate, with a sliding scale for event donations.

1: Join as a Supporting Member


Members are welcome at all Blossom Center events for free unless an additional charge is listed on an event.   You are also welcome to use our facilities [gym / music room / what else?]  Membership fees are $10 per month ($120/year)

2: Join as a Working Member

If it’s easier for you to work than to contribute financially, fill out the form at right to sign up to Volunteer!  Working members have all of the same privileges as Supporting Members, above. 

We have many volunteer opportunities!

volunteer word cloud

3: Be a Sustainer


Help sustain the Blossom Center with your tax deductible gift of $15 or more per month ($180 per year). Thank you!